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in agitators as the obama posse would have you believe. real people. it's not just obama-care that has them riled up. it is the wholesale encroachment of government into their business and their health and their lives. let me map it out for you. in the real deal with dennis kneale. the weird thing is the stock market continues strong and undaunted as this populist revolt ignites american democracy. the dow today popping up 120 points, closing 40 points shy of 9400. the s&p 500 closing up past that 1,000 mark. the nasdaq rising within two points of 2,000. toll brothers posted the first year-over-year increase in orders for new homes in four years. the fed will keep rates low and improved the outlook then economy. productivity numbers were good and trade deficit was better than expected, especially for non-oil goods. oh, yeah a "wall street journal" survey of economists show most of them agree the great recession is over and done with! thanks, guys, where were you seven weeks ago when i first declared that on this show, the recession is ending right here and right now. stocks are hunting. you
you're in vancouver. if we pass the obamacare bill and the government has a big say how much doctors are paid what procedures they can charge do you foresee rationing of care here? >> well, i'm not -- i've listened to president obama and my take on this is that we focussed on each other. canada's -- the doctors of canada overwhelmingly endorsed a transformation of our health system. it needs to change and it's not working. we wouldn't want to copy your system as it is now, and we don't believe you probably would want to copy ours. >> there are a lot of people in america that point to canada as being, hey, let's do what they do up there. as you know americans in new england and other states across the border to buy cheaper drugs, prescription drugs in canada and all that. okay. so access to care rationing is a huge problem. what else what are the other problems you have up there? >> well cost. i mean right now government budgets in say british columbia where i'm from 42% of total spending is on healthcare and projected to rise to 80 to 90
up poll shows, 2-1 independents have moved away from obamacare, why do you think that is happening? >> should we do something about the deficit or health care as the fox poll asked. 57% of overall said, let's do something about the deficit, 34% said health care. among the independents, 59-32. what we had was a flood of spending, $787 billion stimulus, the schip bill, the omnibus spending bill. we had $350 billion in the bank rescue bill, which he voted for last year. that money wept out the door and now he says he has $1 trillion health care bill and the american people said, you're right. we are out of money. sean: the white house spin now is and we have been showing people all week these angry mobsters out there, political terrorists, -- >> evil-doers. sean: they are saying is that the american people are misinformed and not getting the truth but probably watching folks like hannity on fox news. it seems to me that the american people are pretty informed and that's why it happened. are they out of touch? >> i think there are two reasons. i think they are to some dre out of touch.
anguished martyrdom. >> no more obamacare. just say no! just say no! >> moyers: so you can see, perhaps, why it's hard even to describe as protests what's happening today-- the raucous disruption of town meetings that deny others their right to free speech. the cries of tyranny, the analogies to hitler on the signs and in postings on the internet. that's not conscience at work; it's the product of colicky, cranky unconscionable anger, fueled by lies. here's newt gingrich dissembling on health care. yes, the same newt gingrich, once disgraced, now back on the sunday talk shows like napoleon returning from elba. >> you're asking us to trust turning power over to the government when there clearly are people in america who believe in establishing euthanasia including selective standards. >> moyers: remember, this is from the man who told the new york times in 1994 that he would use opposition to clinton's health care reform as, "a springboard to win republican control of the house." that's exactly what he did... and hopes to do again. oh, i forgot sarah palin, who, like gingrich, is also vying t
obamacare as "bearing false witness," urging them to speak the truth. he said, "i am my brother's keeper." he said that this is a moral and ethical obligation. if the president uses it in that moral light and thinks he is morally superior in his views, that tells me he will not stop anything. >> i find that to be disingenuous, bringing faith leaders into a conference call to talk to them about supporting a bill that would allow for the government to pay for the abortion of babies, to talk to them about supporting a bill that at best raises the question about end of like decisions -- and of life decisions. i found that to be disingenuous. the pastors i spoke to at a roundtable here in in arkansas tonight looked me in the eye and said it makes it very difficult for him to believe he has to sell something that he knows is not comprehensible. sean: via -- the white house has done some focus groups and some polling. the president says "health insurance reform," it is not " health care reform." they keep using republican words like "choice." it will not be a government auction. it will be a "c
by the end of the year he will have a fallback. he won't have obama-care, because you cannot do it in the absence of new massive taxes. what he's going to have is a health insurance reform, which will mean heavy regulation on the companies, so there are no pre-existing conditions, you can't lose your insurance. everybody will be happy, except it will bankrupt the insurance companies, so the shortfall will come not out of the taxes but out of coercing the 18 million young people who today have no health insurance because they are young and healthy and calculate correctly that it is unneeded, if you force them into buying health insurance, you have a revenue stream. insurance companies will be happy, so without taxing, coercing the young and coercing insurance companies into giving unlimited insurance, it will work. that's the only way it will work. that's what i think we will end up with in december. bret: juan, this weekend the treasury secretary and larry summers talked a lot about deficits and here is an administration that is, you know, doesn't look like it is dealing with de
of civility and decorum on the issue of health care. >> folks, this is obama-care. let me start this by telling you what i think of this bill and obama-care. [ cheering ] >> sorry. taken away by the moment there. carried off in the sympathy. that was tuesday night. today congressman paul broun of georgia maybe even topped that. he sent a letter to the mailing list of the american conservative union. it was obtained by talking points memo. the letter says if we reform health care, quote, when mama falls and breaks her hip, she'll just lie in her bed in pain until she dies with pneumonia because her needed surgery is not cost efficient. republican congressman paul broun of georgia calling the president hitler, saying that obama-care is a nonmetaphorical object that should be dropped from a great height, and threatening to kill your mama. best of luck with all getting out of political exile thing. >>> i know there's ban lot of attention paid to some of the town hall meetings around the country especially when >>> i know there's been a lot of attention paid to town hall meetings aro
/2. >> what will happen if we pass obama-care? >> that's another trillion according to the cbo. it was bending over backwards as much as it can to accommodate the obama administration and private groups said 2 or 3, some said $4 trillion. a budget deficit, big spender, horrible plan. >> mark, what if demes do go it alone, republicans stay on the sideline, what does that mean? the public option is in there for sure. >> you have political discussion going on. counting noses, we start with 60 senator, let's knock out ted kennedy because of his health, down to 59. eight blue dogs, down to 51. democrats could pass this with 50 because joe biden would cast the deciding vote like al gore did in the clinton administration. with 50 votes, the democrats could get the obama-care pan passed. >> when you say the obama-care plan are you talking about full on public option or this co-op that ken conrad keeps pushing. >> in my opinion and many rational economists the co-op plan is a failure, this would include the public option. >> jerry, what would that do to the markets if the public option passed. >> it wo
was the obamacare idea. >> why do you call it obamacare? why do you do that? >> they change the name. kennedycare today? is it obamacare? health insurance reform? kennedycare? >> democrats aren't calling it obamacare. who is calling it -- >> no it is kennedycare officially. i can't keep track of the name changes. they change it every time a focus group comes back. that is the issue that has brought everybody together. we find that there are different priorities. here in sacramento, the main focus after we leave here, the rally will be taken over by farmers and other kurns who need water which is being denied to them for the sake of a minnow. you want food or a minnow. the legislature will be taking that matter up in a couple of weeks and they are here to be heard. michigan will be jobs and the disast trous condition that state is in. >> it's about big government? the intrusions of big government and power and spending. >> to be fair, yes. >> so the argument then is you indicated this has been growing in it's momentum. where was the bus tour? when the bush administration cropped up? helped the aut
friendly foods. but c.e.o. john mackey's editorial against so-called obamacare has tarnished the chain for people like mark rosenthal. he started a "boycott whole foods" group for people who disagree with the c.e.o.'s health care views. >> whole foods built their brand on offering progessives, especially extra value for their product, cut the principles that mackey was espousing. make me think, this is not the company i thought i was supporting. >> reporter: the group, started last friday, already has 16 thousand members on facebook and is also spreading the word on twitter. at first whole foods responded that the op-ed was mackey's personal view. but in a statement today, the company says it branding expert robert passikoff says the emotional reaction to the c.e.o.'s op-ed will cost the company. >> these days, in this economy, a loyal customer can be worth quite a bit of money, if you even just extrapolate out against the people who felt angry enough to list their names on the facebook boycott page and multiply that out times their weekly buys, that adds up to a lot of money. >> repor
is that the polls on the obamacare have gone south ever since july 22, when he held his press conference, long before any of the bible stuff for the town halls. it is because the substance does not hold up, and what killed it is the objective numbers out of the congressional budget office. it was not republicans, it was not the blue dogs. it was the fact that the numbers don't add up. >> it is not holding up because the administration has not been able to define what it is. most people cannot tell you what it is all about. it is extremely confusing. i am regularly confused by it. obama seems to me -- maybe it is too late -- but if there was ever a time for a president to show leadership, it is now, not just for the public, but with congress. he will have to find a clear way of articulating what he wants. >> he gave himself an hour of prime time in the press conference in which he devoted almost exclusively to health care, and he cannot explain it, as you said. nobody understands what exactly is he doing. >> there is no bill. he stuck to the press conference with the thought that there would be
from the emotionalism and the anecdotes with which obama is trying to sell obamacare and look, what they're doing to people like you who ask the questions. you're getting deride, you're getting mocked when you bring up these real and value liz concerned about end of life issues. they treat it as if it's a joke. even though there are a few outliers there, a few dissenters, even in the mainstream media, who are now questioning those sections of the bill. this is what the obama administration and the democrat majority didn't want. that's why they were dreading this long, hot recess. because the longer it takes, the more time we have to digest it, to question it, and to challenge it. sean: i brought this up with you last week, when your book hit number one on "the new york times" list, i pointed out that the top books in the country now, it's your boobling, mark levin was number one for 13 weeks, dick morris was number one on "the new york times" with his book so clearly, there is an appetite. what has happened to the media in this country, michelle, where we're getting more information
when it mattered most the obamacare of paine operated very skillfully and the clinton campaign did not dance later the clinton campaign became better but by then it was too late. i will turn it over to haynes [applause] >> i went to talk about what we learned watching this historic campaign. he alluded to obama's personality. what you saw in the public was a confident and strong no worries about where he was going and in fact, he went through deep times of frustration and that is a whole character per we did not know. number two, there were things that happened in this campaign particularly between hillary and bill clinton and ted kennedy there were extraordinary, a contentious, like a shakespearean story, they really were the elements that play back and forth for gore will talk about when ted kennedy finally endorsed obama's, there haven't been, the clintons will talk about how their passionate to get his endorsement they called and realized he could not endorse at a certain point* but when it was time they've put on the pressure and of all, also did but the calls became the ted k
, ed rendell. i made the easy case against the obamacare and i said to chris matthews, the reason that people are turning out to these town halls -- how many have been? the reason people are attending, you don't understand, this is something that has been been pent up since the first days of the obama administration since the stimulus plan, bailouts, health care and cap and trade. that's what's going on. i said ordinary americans are fed up to here with what is going on in washington. and chris matthews turned to me and said to me on air, he said the reason these people are going to these town hall meetings is because they don't want a black president to succeed. this was the most offensive things i ever heard. they think we are racist and i think it's important for americans to really see the face of the opposition movement. . we are the ones who are the real grassroots movement. by the way, what i told chris mufertse when he said you just don't like a black president i said wait a minute, joe biden is white and i think he is a bigger so how can this be about race? i have to say
much for the coverage. now, from obama-care to something called kennedy care, i still don't get it what does the death of the liberal lion mean for the government takeover health care is the number one issue in the country today. here to debate all this, cnbc contributor and democratic strategist, julia and betsy mccoy a patient advocate and founder of the committee to reduce infection death. thank you for coming on. i want to dismiss this first issue. no sooner had senator kennedy passed away when nancy pelosi and senator harry byrd, senator robert byrd start talking about something called kennedy care, as though hiding behind man whom we all have great affection for is going to make this turkey of a bill do any good. betsy mccoy, is this kennedy care nonsense dead. even president obama backed away from it today. >> they may not have the votes because so many democrats are feeling heat from their constituents feeling heat realize these bills are not just about covering the uninsured, we all know that. these bills mean you have to give up your health care, you have to move from that pla
dynamic poll, 49% of americans oppose obamacare. just 34% favor it. when asked if they are satisfied with the way things are going in america, 61% say they are not satisfied. just 38% say they are. in a rasmussen pole, the president's job at the lowest level ever. >> from asbury park fug. >> well, it's a pretty stunning- >> the president's numbers have been slipping steadily. he was at 53%, the same share of the vote he got last november until about a month or so ago and his numbers have been sliding. the significant number is not the overall job approval, it's the fact that independents are breaking away from the president. what's happening is a lot of frustration has been accumulated, playing out in health care. voters were opposed to bailouts. they're overwhelmingly opposed to g.m. and takeovers. most opposed the clash for clunkers program and there was just this frustration people were feeling and it's coming out in play in the town halls we're seeing in the form of debating healthcare but it's really a bigger issue. >> what about pennsylvania, a state doing comfortably for barac
that dripped over. sean: independents now have been swayed. they are moving away from obama and obamacare. he has the lowest numbers since he has been president. >> it is down to 47%. he did it to himself. the aarp endorsement, come on. he was called on the carpet on it. he was on tape in 2003 stating that he was a fan of single pay. he said it. sean: steve, you follow polls. i know you like barack obama. as attacking -- attacking the american people as a strategy, independents move away from him 2-1. >> he did not attack anybody. there were remarks made by members of congress. sean: shut up, get out of the way, we will clean up. >> not barack obama. that is not barack obama. let's talk about health care reform. you have an opportunity where 70% of what is being talked about on capitol hill, people agree with the business community, health insurance industry. insurance reforms, cost spending, those things people are concerned about, they want them addressed. they want health reform and they want it now. >> they do not want government health care. that is restructuring insurance companies. i a
? >> right, because where does it end? where does it end? does it end with obama-care alone, or now does it go to any other feelings, guantanomo bay, or whatever other issues arise, and then what do they do with the information once they get it? are they going after people who post this information? are they going to use their names, their domain names, all of that back-end stuff in technology to track people? what are they going to do with this information once they get it? neil: what do you suspect? >> i suspect they will do a lot with it. technology allows the white house and the government to track whatever they want. think about the f.b.i. neil: but as a constitutional lawyer reyet, he must know this is a no-no. >> i say it is a no, no. neil: judge andrew napolitano says it is a no-no. >> right. he shouldn't want this kind of information in his hands or anybody else's hands. he shouldn't want to fight the information that's out there in regular conversation. what he should want to do is have the best thing for defense is a good offense.
coverage. >> no obamacare! >> reporter: opponents of health care reform insist the proposed changes would put private insurance companies out of business. that's false. >> if anything, this expands private health insurance for people. >> reporter: but at contentious town hall meetings across the country, the issue keeps coming up. >> we want people to stay in their insurance. that's our goal. >> bull! that's not true at all! >> reporter: this is really a crucial question, because polls show that most americans are perfectly happy with their own doctor, and they're wary that make a force them to the president has been unequivocal. >> if you've got health insurance, you keep your plan. you keep your doctor. i don't want to take it over. >> reporter: his opponents quote chapter and verse to challenge that. president obama says you can keep your doctor. do you believe that? >> not from page 16. page 16 effectively regulating out private insurance. >> reporter: what page 16, actually says is that insurance companies have five years to comply with new government standards. for instanc
. >> if you are for obama-care, you don't know what you are for. you don't know what is in the bill? >> yes, i do. >> and you like it? you like it? >> hey, hey! >> the anger became physical at the senator's townhall in hillsboro, missouri where voters refused to buy her assurance there will not be a single payer's system. >> you don't trust me? >> no! >> but even in the most raucous meetings there are those who want change. >> i am here to say i am happy you are dealing with health care reform. i think it is something that our country need. i realize that -- >> reporter: now analysts on both sides of the aisle say one of the problems in this debate is the lack of specifics. the white house is letting congress come up with a bill. an that vacuum of information is getting filled by misinformation. such as those death panels. complicating what was already a contentious and emotional issue. brian. >> it couldn't be hotter right now than it is. anne thompson, thanks as always. >>> now we have an illustration of just how big the problem of affordable health care has become in this country. a group o
into free-for-alls. >> obama-care has got to go! >> at one point it felt like people were more worried about drowning each other out than listening. >> reporter: with crowd shouting to get in -- >> reporter: -- and where members of congress, like michigan democrat john dingell get shouted down. much of the passion and protest comes from conservative voices opposed to the democrats' plan for a government-run option for health care. the democratic national committee in web video charged these protests are staged. >> now, desperate republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs. >> reporter: some anger on display gets stoked by the provocative megaphone of rush limbaugh who went so far as accusing democrats of wanting the socialized medicine of nazi germany. >> the obama health care logo is damn close to a nazi swastika logo. >> reporter: to encourage attendance, conservative organizers acknowledge they send e-mail alerts to members but argue the anger is real. >> i think that the politicians should be careful about so easily dismissing this many people showing up and partic
," forward us the e-mail and we will answer the question -- "obama-care is creating a death panel." for example, this is being portrayed as obama is collecting an enemies list. all we are trying to do is answer questions. >> he should read the laws that he has taken an oath to uphold, and one of those was the privacy act, which was especially written to prevent the president of the united states or anyone acting in his name from gathering the names, faces, images, voices, or words of people who disagree with the president. neil: even if you want to take him at face value, you have to make the leap that everyone with whom he serves is of the same mind, and as we know from history, that is not always the case. >> there's a lot of problems here. the patriot acts, which you have heard me rail against, allows federal agents to write their own search warrants to capture key strokes. they cannot use that information against you because it was unlawfully obtained. the privacy and prohibits them from doing so. archives act requires the white house to keep all communications it gets. the pr
to town halls, like totally reputable doctors, like totally showing their support for obama-care. >> your name? >> we're position is that we are like so for treating preventable conditions. how will it help me as a p.d.p.? >> first of all, give her a hand, because she is a primary care physician. [applause] how long have you been practicing? >> four years. >> give her another hand! glenn: i got to tell you, that was like so awesome, she was just like, there, i mean, she was like, i'm a doctor and i have doctor-like questions. that was great, and then, finally, a town haller, without that pesky cell phone interrupting sheila. it was great. i loved how sheila was spontaneous, you know, give sheila a little loving. it was great. it was unscripted. it was almost a pure moment. sheila jackson lee connecting with regular working people, and a doctor, no less. you know, that's what town halls are about, not this conjured up hired activist g.o.p. fake angry yelling thing. what is it they were calling it, again? oh, yeah, i remember, astroturf. that's it. that's crazy. when i first saw this video,
the whole foods alternative to obama-care discussed his belief that healthcare is not an intrinsic right that. didn't sit well with left-leaning shoppers a facebook group calling for a whole foods boycott has more than 15,000 members. one blogger writes "not very smart for a company that depends almost entirely on wealthy democrats who are willing to pay $5 for a six-ounce carrot so d.a." another posting on the liberal daily coast blog echoed "mr. mackey, you just blanked all over your customers. " the corporate office maintains that he was expressing his views and not those of the company. the obama administration is going to lend $2 billion for a brazilian state owned oil company to finance drilling off that country's shores. "the wall street journal" reports that national security advisor jim jones met with brazilian owe fucials this officials this month to talk about the loan. the editorial board writes "americans are right to wonder why mr. obama is underwriting in brazil what he won't allow at home. the deal is also good news for billionaire investor and major democratic donor geor
obama-care. bret: here are the numbers in the polls. a new rasmussen poll out today about healthcare reform and the democrats favorability has 43% opposed, 53%, roughly the same as it was a few weeks ago. here something another interesting element. these town hall meetings, there was one in virginia for rep representative moran, democrat from virginia, and he brought along howard dean, former presidential candidate, also former physician, and the head of the d.n.c. to answer some questions about the bills that are on the table. he was asked a question about tort reform and why that is not in there. take a listen to this answer. >> here is why tort reform is not in the bill. when you go to pass a really enormous bill like that, the more stuff you put it in it, the more enemies you make, right? and the reason tort reform is not on the bill is because the people who wrote it did not want to take on the trial lawyers in addition to everybody else they were taking on. that is the plain and simple truth. bret: that is some truth serum at that town hall meeting. >> you got to love howard de
time he went on tv to push obamacare at the same time that his former firm was getting money to advertise for it. we are getting a lot of the niles, a blanket denials from the white house. every time the white house deny something, they admit the accusers were right. that was the case with these e- mails. fox news was the first and only one to question them on that. i think all of this requires a white house reality check. where are those people to investigate fishy deals and fishy information, or lack thereof? sean: we have more evidence of the thug-style politics. henry waxman sent out a letter. 52 insurance companies are the recipients. there's a demand for documents about compensation, chris -- business practices, clearly an effort that they want to go up there and intimidate and use this as a form of demonization of the health-care industry that they have enough focused their attention on in terms of heating. this is health insurance reform. this is not government-run health care. does that concern you, the intimidation effort? >> yes, because it is a case of double deal
. there is a guy behind me wearing an nra hat. some one saying over here, no obama-care. joining me quickly here is the state secretary -- >> secretary of state. cary handle. >> i know your name. i forget your title. why are the folks out here? >> these are individuals speaking out about the health care plan moving through washington. people we want health care reform. we want a market-driven health care reform that protects the patient-doctor relationship. >> we will talk more with the secretary of state here on cnn. during my show coming up at 5:00, ali. a lot of people are out here, add manned about what they want. they want health care reform. what they want to make sure it is done right and not government-controlled. that's their word. ali? >> don, thank you. we'll check in with you again. the same sentiment i have been getting in some places along our stops. traveling for a week started in atlanta. ending in des moines. traveling 1,000 miles along the way. tennessee, kentucky, southern illinois, missouri, kansas and now into iowa. here is a bit of the conversation that i had with a small g
up, the whole foods health care thaw continue, should the ceo have spoken out against obama-care? let the guy be heard. it's a free country and happens he's a free market capitalist. >>> obama's $9 trillion decade of debt is sewing doubts about the dollar. that is another corollary problem to this terrible debt. it's like collateral damage. stay with "the kudlow report." hi, may i help you? we're shopping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here. good friends -- we compare our progressive direct rates, apples to apples, against other top companies, to help you get the best price. how do you do that? with a touch of this button. can i try that? [ chuckles ] wow! good luck getting your remote back. it's all right -- i love this channel. shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> despite controversy over a ceo speaking out against obama, whole foods is thriving. rebecca has the full story. >> thank you, larry. while there is controversy over that op-ed, john mackey wrote there is no controversy over this company's returns over 200
: kimberly, this is nancy pelosi using the swastika line. she called the people that are opposing obama-care un-american, an we have brian baird who used the tim mcveigh comment earlier on. let's roll that tape. >> i think they're -- you be the judge of carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care. >> some of this is eerilyly reminiscent of some of the things that drove tim mcveigh to bomb the building in oklahoma. >> you wonder why people are fired up and angry. this is the jumping-off point where people are angry bit, but it's about control. it's about the government jumping in and seizing control of americans' lives, and they don't want it. they don't feel the government has demonstrated that they have the ability or the smarts to spend their hard earned tax dollars, bob. >> if you ask people about this health care bill, they wouldn't be able to tell you what's in it. i read the 1,100 pages, and eventually you all should read it. how do you get facts across in front of a mob like that? you can't very well do it. >> bob, wait a minute. sean: bob, these are litt
.p.s. and fedex do well. should that mean we only get sick monday through friday on obama-care? >> do we have that post office quote? can i run that again or cooking it up again. keith, was that you butting in. >> you guys are taking one little comment out of context. he's talking about the importance of private and public competition, republicans want when it comes to school choice. they talk about health care, they don't want that. reality, these town hall meetings are not about health care, about stopping president obama. you have sarah palin talking about dealt panels, when this was a voluntary council proposed from a representative from georgia, we're not talking about the actual conversation here. >> let me play a sound bite, mr. obama reminiscing about the post office. >> people say, how can a private company compete against the government? if you think about it, u.p.s. and fedex are doing just fine, right? no, they are. it's the post office that's always having problems. >> leslie marshal, i want to try to understand this, president obama is a very bright man, i've never take than fro
dub healthcare reform with a costly public option obama-care and a step towards socialism. "obama care will be government control of the healthcare sector in addition to the federal government's direct control of banks, auto manufacturers, insurance companies and mortgage industry." randy poolen is the g.o.p. he's national treasurer and an arizona small businessman. >> healthcare is 1/6 or even more than that in our entire economy, and to have the government running 1/6 of our economy just doesn't make any sense. >> the r.n.c. has launched attack ads in 61 congressional districts during the august recess against fiscally conservative democrats including the so-called blue dogs who said they oppose the government healthcare takeover but some of them have begun to waiver under pressure from democratic leaders and the white house. >> they don't have the kahunas to stand up and support the american people, so don't pretend anymore. we're calling you out. i'm looking at you and telling you we're coming after you. >> they voted to officially pan the president's climate change bill "cap and t
't the same thing happen under this program, whether you call it obama-care, federal option or a co-op? >> absolutely. i think if the administration wanted a choice in competition, there would be a couple of easy steps. one would be let people purchase health insurance from a state other than their own f employers and individuals can purchase insurance across state lines, wow get a massive increase in competition, because there would be so many more health insurance options in every market and that will keep the insurers hon nest. why do they think that one new entrant in the marketplace will do that? >> why can't we have health insurance almost like we have any good that we buy. why in new jersey i have to buy the rolls-royce of health insurance policies, the only one the state will let anybody offer? why can't private enterprise compete for my business by offering me a policy that i want and my neighbor a a policy that she wants rather than one size fits all? >> well, because the special interests who want to force you to buy that stuff don't want you to be able to leave to avoid
pressed him very hard on this claim by sarah palin. we've all seen it so many times. that obamacare would create death panels. he didn't really back down. every, single independent group that looked at it, said it just isn't true. >> well, why did the democrats turn down our amendments that clarified that none of the decisions that would be made by this board would in any way affect the depriving of the needed treatments for patients? i don't know why they did that then. >> you see that backdrop there. we were at the grand canyon. the senator trying to put a spot lights on the situation of our national parks right now. we saw some magnificent condors out there. we covered a lot of ground. the wars in iraq and afghanistan. how is senator mccain -- mrs. ted kennedy, that senator obama is likely to see. and where he expects to cooperate, with president obama going forward. we have that coming up. also, a power house roundtable this morning. george will is back from vacation. he'll be joined by david fromme. they will be debating robert reich and paul krugman. >> looking forward to all that.
thinking that obama-care would lead to zombies but why give sarah palin another article she could misrepresent on her facebook page? meanwhile, the national review sharing its reaction to the zombie study passing along these words of wisdom, "zombies are cool. it's just a fact." and were these jokers european? they were obviously canadian. leave it to boss limbaugh to get it dead wrong. limbaugh weighing in on president obama's former campaign organization. it's the night of the living dead in the daytime. obama zombies -- which is tough to say -- obama zombies marching around with little instructions and pamphlets, manuals. the evidence is all around us, and it's hungry for our brains. joining me now is max brooks, whose latest in the series of must-read exposes, the zombies survival guide, according to tax, is due out september 6th. thank you for your time tonight, sir. >> thank you, keith. >> is this a real possibility, can we see the gop using the zombie defense against democrats and will limbaugh wind up telling his followers, i was talking about democratic zombies before you
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